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Interface platforms

The definition and vision of the missions, contours and methods of structuring the platforms that the SIG aims to develop have evolved over the last few years.

For the SIG, a platform is a structure that gathers:

  • a community of researchers (80 to 250 researchers) around a broad scientific issue, with the objective of responding to major environmental challenges;
  • pooled experimental, observation and modeling resources of national and international scope to perform research upstream or in relation with operational projects, and to provide training;
  • a structure of coordination, exploitation and benchmarking to develop the interface with socioeconomic partners.

There are 3 interface platforms in the SIG at present.


Plateforme Climat Régional Auvergne Rhône-Alpes


Health-Environment in the Rhone-Alps interface platform


Clean processes, recycling, decontamination, raw
and secondary materials, effluents and energy

Other interface structures exist in Rhône-Alpes.